28 March, 2018 — Wednesday

28 March, 2018

So, I think it was Monday when the dealership called with the diagnosis of the car… I just want to say… I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!! It is the transmission. Luckily it was covered by the extended warranty, but sadly, a car is never the same one it has a major tranny repair or replacement. So, they called this morning, it should be in tomorrow, so I am hoping by the end of the week, beginning of next week I will have it back. And hopefully aside from the diagnostic fees, we are off the hook for any further costs!

I have been scrambling to get all of my old journals dusted off, or in certain cases, make new ones, just to have my name, or the closest I can get, in somewhere to be easier to find. I honestly do not think I will be going back to OD. I refuse to pay for that “service” considering how shitty we were treated. Plus, the community over there is comprised of a lot of twatty assholes. There are some great people, don’t get me wrong, but ugh. My previous entry is one I am going to continue updating for contact information. I hope to not lose any of my newly found friends from here!

Speaking of friends and being social… I am FB friends with a lady who used to work with me at the hardware store before moving too far to make it worthwhile. She is like… the best lady ever. Always a smile, a kind word, I mean, the type who when she smiles, it just makes your heart smile. Anyway. She posted something a long while back and tagged all of her FB friends we worked with at one point or another. I saw she was friends with the one manager, one of my two favorite managers, and I saw he was friends with other current and former employees, so I felt now, that I was no longer his employee, I could friend him. I never got the messaging saying that we were now friends, I checked once a month or so after I sent the request, and I saw it was still listed as request sent” which I am fair certain can mean he denied the request? Or possibly just never accepted it still. Today the same lady posted another thing linking the same group, and I saw he was in it and saw it is still listed as “sent.” But this time when I looked at his page, it looks as if he does have recent activity on his page, unlike before, when it looked like he never used it… My one question is whether or not he realized it was me, being that I almost never have a pic of me as my display pic, and my last name did change while I worked there, and that name I used for a chunk of the time is not listed on my FB at all (married name from 1st marriage). But all in, kind of disappointed and unsure if I should mention it when I go in to visit (which I wanted to do today, but being that it is Spring Break here and the kids were here all day – I started writing this at breakfast and it is now dinner – I decided to postpone).

And another thing I wanted to write about… I got a FB alert that someone posted on the OD Peeps (didn’t read it well enough, I thought it was PB Peeps, so I rushed right over). I saw that the person posting had a location tag as one right where I live. I was curious because I remember FB sometimes posting an incorrect location tag for people. So, I clicked on her and it gave the “group member info” which are any posts they’ve written, but there is also a “things in common” area, and I saw that she is also a member of my neighborhood group!!!!!!!!! GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know her as a diarist, as far as I know, but I was thinking… man, this shit is too close to home over here LOL. I like my anonymity (to a degree). I am not sure if she is on PB (got the idea she was not), but felt almost like I should be like “oh, hai, I am your neighbor!” LMAO. It was very strange. Even more strange was the fact that we had nothing else in common. Not even one person or other local “likes” or anything (as far as I could tell). So weird!

Oh, so, not last night, but the night before, B got his wish and we did the deed. I’m sure everyone is shocked that he has been more sane the last 2 days O.o Pffft! Men! (haha j/k).

Apparently CJ is coming for Easter? So, yay! My bro and SIL are also coming. SIL asked about how many will be there (for bringing dishes purposes), and she listed FIL, but I actually don’t think B even asked him! He still never got E a birthday gift (card/giftcard), as he was sick from the time we were at Disney until like just days ago. I think he still is dealing with the last of it, but yeah. Not good! He never got me a card of anything, but I’m sure he’ll get one for B’s brother’s wife! They always loved her and she isn’t really a good person, IMO. And also I should throw in here: B’s mom did all of this type of stuff (holidays, birthdays, etc.), so he is definitely still unused to it. B’s aunt was saying the other day (when we went to pick my car up) that she had to correct him on when G’s birthday was, as he thought it was later in the month or something? But, I take everything she says with a grain of salt. I feel B needs a break from him after being away with him, though they didn’t argue once, as far as I know! B was very worried about things going south, but I feel like as long as B’s brother is not around, they usually get long pretty well. I heard B bark at him the other day when he stopped by (he had dialysis then the doctor for the illness he has happening currently and came here after those appointments), I guess his dad was telling him how to live his life [insert eye roll here]. Not sure what it was about, but I think he thought B shouldn’t be spending a shit ton on a new TV. I kind of agree. But then, he does make a lot more money than anyone in his family has ever made, so I guess he can spend it how he wants. O.o

I guess this is all for today. More soon. Now… where to post first? I still need to figure out most of these sites to see which ones I like!

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  1. Thank goodness for extended warranties, transmissions are not cheap.

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