3/28 Wed Cross Posting

  • well wish I could figure out how to insert a pic as a background in/on my entry but I’m not having much luck with it. Like I would also like to be able to dress up MY diary to be different than everyone else’s but that isn’t happening either lol oh well. 
  • I’m a huge fan of dark colors on my screen and livening it up with the brighter font lol but haven’t found that possibility either.Don’t even have the option of different style fonts wow. I do hope those choices become a reality hell I wouldn’t even care if it was ok here you go 5 shades for the background or here is 5 background pic you may use to ”dress up your diary page” but I do like the different styles of font too.  guess I got spoiled over the years lol
  • hoping hoping hoping that the Webmaster can do that it would be absolutely awesome.  there is some sort of private messaging that is suppose to be like an IM but I can’t find it to try it out.
  • Onwards


  • helped my kiddo to get thru some dungeons in D3 and learned something I did not know about lol I was like man for being your level these things are massively hard to beat! She’s like I can lower the torment if you want? Torment what the?!?! then at some point when I wasn’t intensely trying to keep us alive I noticed what she was talking about.  and it even said I could make it harder or easier lol mmmkay learn something every day I suppose


  • D is in StL heading west again should be unloaded in the morning.  I wasn’t very talkative when he was on the phone. But it’s like wow the phone has been busy since 10am! I’m ready for it to be quiet. 
  • loving my new gear smart watch. it logged my apparently very restless sleep [went to bed at midnight slept to 8:30 pm said I got 6.50 actual hours of sleep the rest was restless moving about apparently lol] it just told me the phone battery was about dead. I was sitting to long and it told me I needed to stretch so lmao if nothing else it’ll get me to get up more haha.
  • going to play some games today and relax my head hurts [and yes I ate some brunch around noon] 

ta ta peeps ((((hugs to those that need one))))

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  1. I have been thinking about getting a smart watch. The Apple ones are a bit pricey. I may have to look into other options.

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