I am a migrant.

The closing of a journal site that I have been a member of for quite some time forced a move to a new place. This came after the one before that also closed, forcing a move of its own.  More than the site itself, I mourn the loss of the connection to the people that I have grown to know and love. 

One finds themselves so invested in the journey of other people that having all of that displaced is unsettling.  There has been no common agreement on where to go from there should we wish to keep up with one another.  

Social media contacts are nice, but we all know that the ‘sharing’ on those outlets is nothing like the open-hearted and candid writing that can be done on a journaling platform.

 Writing is far too good for my mental health to abandon completely.  No one needs an overflowing junk drawer.

2 thoughts on “Displaced”

  1. Welcome! I am here from PB also. I was Kitty Momma on the other 2 sites but decided on a different name here. Ready to embrace the change.

  2. Yep, I came from that “other place” too. Hope you like it here. I might like this one the best.

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