(Another) Day One

So, used to journal fairly regularly on a now defunct website called In The Wire (Heard of it? If Yes, Go You, if not, no big surprise this is merely in way of an introduction and background; moving on…)

I am your (a)typical middle aged man, with mid life crisis, occasional abandonment issues, underpaid, not living up to potential, still wears Ninja Turtles boxers and loves cartoons (Though in my defense there are no basements owned by my Mother or otherwise, I’m functional and self reliant, just could do more as we call could)

I’ve been in my various ruts for the past few, keep telling myself to get out more, take back up photography or art or my old radio work, or at least write a bit. I of course responded to myself as I always do in a dismissive, placating manner of “Yeah, we’ll get around to it, nada prob.” This was similar to how I’ve responded to any number of things from vacuuming to doing laundry or getting around to less savory tasks r appointmnts and of course very little has been done.

Today though while laying about in my undies (on a day off), watching Netflix reruns and surfing that most insidious of sites Facebook (That social site where you really rarely socialize unless you’re a cute girl showing off kittens or your ex or family wants to keep up with what you’re doing), when I saw that the guy who ran the aforementioned site ITW had passed on this week. Not even forty, died of liver failure or some such. Very intelligent and nice fellow, wrote the code and built the site probably in his 20’s, went out and did stuff and was highly regarded and here I sit still making excuses over leftover chicken I’m eating in bed in my underwear getting grease on the keyboard.

Not an overly inspiring or I assume appetizing sight for the rest of you.  No Turtles today though, it’s Superman boxers. Just throwing that out there.

I’m all for kickstart moments, and who knows i it’ll stick, but or now let’s queue in some motivating 80’s montage music and see what new tales of the mundane shall spring up as I try to make my daily life sound interesting (At least to myself eh?)

First though I may need to get up and face the world, or first’er before that I may need to find pants.

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