Book Four

Hello! So I’ve landed here, part of the great PB exodus of 2018. I’ve changed my name and I’m not going to go seeking out old friends or admitting who I am just yet. I was kinda needing a holiday from myself anyway so the chance to slip away into the night has been welcome – though I feel the usual guilt for seeing the bright side of a tragedy that has hurt many of my friends. 

I use my journal as my therapist, to thrash out ideas and pound out frustrations so as to appear relatively sane in the non-digital world. (It doesn’t work.)

… I dunno what to do though. Should I carry on writing with the same character names and scenarios or should I invent an entirely new reality for myself? (I’d never lie, I’m always 100% honest in my journal – only place I am! – but there’s emphasises and names I could change.)

At PB I was beginning to write for my audience. I gave too much away. I was easy to find on Facebook and in real life. Worse, so were the other characters and that is unfair on them, so I was editing and making an awful lot of what I wrote private … well, what was the point in that I ask you?! 

But then, the imminent closure bought many people to my comments saying they wanted to know what happens next. Apparently I am an entertainment for my friends! (Well, who’s life isn’t a soap opera?!) I feel a bit bad not to tell them where I am and give them that next instalment in my life. 

But then. That chapter closed. That book closed really. We all lived happily ever after. The end!

This is the new book. The book of the Cotlyedon … but pansy, dandelion or oak? We’ll have to wait and see!   

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