Bully To You

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On to the entry:

A phone call from the school:
Teacher: Is this Mrs. Briggs
Me: Yes….
Teacher: There was an incident at school today involving Paige.

Just what every parent wants to hear, right? I am then told that a student screamed something so loud, and so obscene in front of the entire class about my daughter, that it caused him to be immediately removed from the classroom, and neither the teacher or my daughter will tell me what exactly was said. The story I get is he screamed basically, “I’m not sitting next to her, you can’t make me sit next to her.” However, you do not get a suspension (which this kid did) for saying something so minor, nor does the offended student have to be “consoled” by the teacher.

“I went over to her to let her know that it was NOT okay for someone to talk to her like that. And then she broke my heart. She said, ‘It doesn’t bother me. He says stuff like that all the time.’”

I am not a helicopter parent. The world is a tough place, and our kids are going to have to figure out coping mechanisms to survive in it. She has been very open and honest with me, and has been talking to me about this kid all year. I have offered advice and things for her to do to help herself during the year. Including, “The kid sounds like a moron, you can’t fix stupid, avoid him when able and ignore him when necessary.”

I said to the teacher, “Can I just throw a name out there to make sure we’re talking about the same kid?”

“Well…you can throw a name out there but I can’t really confirm or-“


“……Yes. So this IS frequent thing that you’ve known about.”

“Yes! It’s been all year. There’s been days she’s gotten off the bus crying. We go out for coolattas, I give her a hug, we talk it out, and we talk about what she can do to avoid these encounters in the future.”

“Well…I will let the office know that this is an ongoing problem with him.”

So, not only did Paige kind of get some kind of retribution for this numb skull, the teacher also had Paige hand deliver him his suspension slip and backpack and work to the office. Savage.

I gave her a big hug at the end of the day when she got home from school. She was not upset. She was not distraught. She was a completely well adjusted young lady who kind of repeated, “You can’t fix stupid,” and went about her day. He didn’t get under her skin. And in all honesty, I’m not even sure she HEARD whatever horrifically derogatory remark he threw out at her in front of the entire class, because she has become so effective at completely tuning him out. I spoiled her a little and bought her a little something that I probably wouldn’t have on a normal occasion.

Reason 4,186 I am not a helicopter parent. She has the confidence in herself and her abilities that it didn’t phase her in the least. She did not have to go seek approval. She already knows her self worth.

My girl.

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  1. My almost 19 year old step daughter should take lessons from her!

  2. That was awesome to read. You are a great Mom who handled that brilliantly.

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