Definitely thin on patience.

Might as well copy my latest PB entry into here while we all nervously wait to see what happens.

So, my friend M suggested I try this website called Arab Lounge. I am cracking up, as it’s so cringe. I told her I didn’t want to meet any freshies, had enough of them over the years, thank you v much. She assured me it’s a very mixed site, lots of Brits like us, whose parents are from Arab or other backgrounds, plus a lot of American guys. I figure I’ve got nothing to lose, 3 guys I messaged on Tinder haven’t replied. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that jazz. Still no word from Mike btw, officially writing him off! If he wants to get in touch, he knows where to find me.


On a side note – I can’t help over analysing that the last time I saw him was when we were saying goodbye outside his flat. He was going to his car to drive to work and I was going in the opposite direction. We kissed and I said “I’ll speak to you later”. Obv it’s just a phrase, but I also meant it literally to an extent. I remember he said something like “take care”, which I found an odd reply rather than just parroting the same phrase, or agreeing [that we’d speak later]. But maybe I’m reading too much into this and it didn’t mean anything. It’s not like we didn’t speak after that, I just haven’t seen him since!


Anyways, back to my Arab Lounge search. I’ve signed up, but my profile pic is “waiting for approval”. The site interface reminds me of some early 2000s website, it literally hasn’t changed. I’m not sure if there’s an app, so I’m using the browser on my phone. So far, I can’t say I’m impressed. To message anyone, you need to pay. You can send a wink, but I don’t know how it all works – if 2 people wink, can they message? Lol I’m giving it until the end of this week before I delete my profile. There are lots of cringe 40 something men, with receding hairlines, based across the US or the Middle East. There was one potential in London, I winked at him. He only had one pic though, I dislike that. I need to see various angles to decide if I like the look of the person. Don’t judge, I know it’s shallow, but you need to be attracted to a person! I haven’t reached the stage yet where that falls off my checklist!


On another side note, T is still asking me questions for stuff we’ve done a hundred times. She was asking how to input a half day leave into our database. I said where it says “full”, she needs to put AM or PM. This girl, I don’t know….. we have a laugh at work messaging all day, but she’s more than ditsy. The Director got promoted and they’re looking to get him an Exec Assistant, which is above a PA. She suspects that JW might change her job role and try to con her out of her current job, as JW was asking again how T’s job search was going, that they need to schedule in time for interviews etc. it’s clear that they are not considering her for the job. No surprise there to be honest! I mean, she would be good because she already works for the Director, she knows him, his schedule, his likes/dislikes. But you’ve all read about how slack she can be at work.


T just discovered that when trying to amend the leave balance for the new financial year in the database (April onwards), it doesn’t currently work. You can only make amendments to the new balance FROM April. Faceplam. I despair.


The PA to my previous Blondie manager (who worked with The American) sent an email to the PA distribution list and said she doesn’t know how to set up a new vendor on our systems, she wasn’t able to make sense of the instructions and can someone spare a few mins to go over it with her? Lol I don’t want to be a know it all, but I literally taught myself all of this finance related stuff when I got this job. I would offer her help, but she was so short with me when I asked to hold time in Blondie’s diary for a multiple person meeting. She said she couldn’t hold any time slots, as her manager was super busy and stuff comes in every day. Bitch. That’s karma.


I had a funny chat with a Russian speaking Greek shoe repair man. There’s a shoe repair place inside Oxford Circus station. I needed to get another pair of shoes fixed and due to the short week, the rainy weather and the fact that I’m working tonight and tomorrow, I figured it was easier to just drop them off to that place rather than the other one I recently went to, which is down the road. At least this one is inside the station and on the way to/from work.


So yesterday I popped in at lunchtime and asked if they could repair my heels? They were wearing down fast (it’s all the walking I do). The guy serving me was English, but then he turned to his colleague and asked in heavily accented Russian, for the guy to fix the heels. I was so surprised; I jumped right in and asked them both if they spoke Russian? The English guy told me he speaks “chyt chyt” (a little), and the other one turned out to be a Greek guy called Sergei, but speaks Russian. I didn’t get into how and why. So we’re chatting a bit while he’s taking payment etc. He asks me where I work, how long I’ve been here, who am I etc. I tell him the overview.


This morning on my way out of the station, I check if the shoes might be ready for collection. They are. The Greek guy is there, he asks me how the BBC is? I say same old, busy. He then asks me if I believe what they (the BBC) say about Russia and Putin? And do I think they’re telling the truth? Hahahah I wanted to laugh. I know why he’s asking. The media is corrupt and biased in Russia. I did my dissertation at University back in the day on this topic actually. How ironic. Now would’ve been a good example. Back then, there wasn’t much to go on. Anyways, I don’t really have time for a chit chat, so I tell him – yes, “they” are telling the truth. He is doubtful and says something else, which I’ve forgot. In the end I had to cut short the convo, say it was nice to meet him and run to work as I’m already late.


I meet so many funny people.


Coughing girl is still hacking her lungs out all over her desk and surroundings. Most of the time she doesn’t cover her mouth, it’s disgusting. She’s not even bothering to take anything for it! I’m by no means a germaphobe, but I’m not really comfortable being in such close proximity to her. I told Polish guy yesterday, he said he was going to come into the office from today but decided to work from home once he found out about the coughing. Lol He joked that I prob wasn’t laughing at his Dettol wipes (antibac) now. Funny guy.


And TV Manager is doing my fucking head in. Everyone, literally EVERYONE is useless with technology here. I don’t understand. Even the young people. TV Manager still hasn’t given me access to her diary, but keeps emailing people saying “Amal will set this up”. She emailed me earlier and asked me to set up a conference call for this afternoon. I write back and explain to her I can’t make any amendments to her calendar. I send her a screen shot of what she needs to press, literally a button within the meeting invite on outlook which says “online meeting” and that generates a number which is linked to our Lync. Of course, she has no idea what I’m talking about when I try to explain this to her and says she’s in meetings, can I just send the conf line details? She doesn’t get that because it’s linked to our fucking profiles, people will end up dialling me and not her.




I’m so over this job, really. I need a snickers.


I am scheduled to work tonight from 5.15pm. sigh. I emailed the manager on shift and asked if I could start at 5.30pm? Other people do that who work nearby and finish at 6pm for example. I usually try not to select any shifts that start before 5.30pm since JW told me off about my timekeeping. And this was my last option on the list, yet I still got selected. On normal shows, the Studio Audience managers don’t minds. But I think today is something different as the manager said she had a massive brief to get through, but if my manager couldn’t let me leave earlier, she would have to accept a 5.30pm start. I’ll have to make sure I’m all packed and ready to go by 5.25pm and I won’t even bother shutting down. I’ll just lock and put laptop to sleep.


Another manager for this conference call with TV manager this PM, just came up to me and said she’d never chaired a conf call before. What does she need to do? Facepalm. Lol I DESPAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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