Email privacy issue(No longer showing the email address)

Hi all, my name is O. It is very sad to see another personal journal site shutting down. Hope you find the GoodnightJournal as your new home if not, there are still many websites and apps you can try out there.

Going though some of your public journals, I realized that showing the email address for the comment author and being able to edit others comment are not the best way to protect your privacy.

I have disabled the editing comment feature for now and will work on the better solution for editing comment.

Thank you for bringing this up and feel free to reach out for any suggestions or comments. Happy journaling!

6 thoughts on “Email privacy issue(No longer showing the email address)”

  1. Thanks for fixing the privacy issue! 🙂

  2. Thanks you are always on it even way back when:)

  3. @sprout22 So glad to see you again!! 🙂 How’s your recovery going? Hope all is well with you.

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