Just dizzy enough

I suppose I have no way of knowing if I like it here without trying.

I took advantage of Amazon’s same day delivery service yesterday and ordered some tools, an irrigation system gasketed coupling, and a 7″ springform pan for making Instant Pot cheesecakes.  Just random normal things everyone needs.  The same day service was kind of unhelpful because the package showed up at about 8:30 in the evening.  They say it will be delivered before 9:00, so they were not late, but I was hoping to have it when I got home so I could mess around with the sprinklers before the sun went down.

The last time I used same day delivery I was still in San Diego and my item was delivered by lunchtime.

I’m not really sure how Amazon’s deliveries work sometimes.  The guy yesterday showed up in a small white car.  He certainly wasn’t out making lots of deliveries in something so small.  I have this idea in my head that Amazon uses an Uber-like force of random people to make these deliveries, but I don’t know if that’s true.  I could probably confirm with some research online, and I have plenty of time to do that, but meh.

I’ve been weirdly lightheaded lately.  Not to the point of feeling like I’m going to pass out, but more like I’m just dizzy enough that if I don’t focus while walking I might end up running into a wall.  This could be a sign of some kind of medical condition maybe, but I’m really just hoping it goes away on its own without incident.

I did a short quick run in the neighborhood yesterday.  I like being able to pretty much run anywhere here because it’s all so flat.  I used to have to put a lot of thought into my running routes because I wanted to avoid hills as much as possible, but it’s not really a concern anymore.  My biggest concern these days is my lack of any stamina but I think that’s mostly from not having run regularly almost at all so far in 2018.

Tonight we’re eating at a shellfish-themed restaurant.  Day three of our meticulously planned out week of meals.  So far it’s worked out relatively according to plan.  The meal I was going to make last night (stuffed duck) has moved to Saturday because we had so many leftovers from Monday.  But that’s good, it means that Saturday is already planned.

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  1. Our meal plans are always thrown into array because of leftovers. Even when we consider that there will be leftovers, there’s always too many leftovers, and it spills into another day. I don’t know how normal people live under these conditions.

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