I need advice… help

I’m not looking for a two month relationship. I’m looking for something that will last a life time. I’m looking for honesty. Something real. But every time I think I have that they prove me wrong. I fell in love with someone that has hurt me time and time again. I’ve never been able to trust anyone ever since that relationship… But I met someone that showed me so many times that they cared about me but I was so hurt from the last relationship I didn’t give him a chance and I didn’t want to start all over again with opening up to someone new just for them to hurt me all over again. So me being dumb I went back to the asshole that hurt me so much and I hurt the one person who actually cared about me. Since then I have been trying to prove to him I would never want to hurt him again. I’ve been doing that for months now almost a year now. But lately I haven’t seen the point in trying when he doesn’t want me. But i’m fighting for what I want and I feel like if I stop trying then none of that was worth the year that I’ve tried to be with him and to make him happy…. He’s worth fighting for and he needs to know that. But at the same time when is it enough? Me and him always talk, we flirt, we joke around about doing stuff but every time I bring up being anything more then friends he shuts down. At this point I’m lost and have no idea what to do… I NEED HELP

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  1. World’s biggest thing I have learned is to try not to chase people that don’t want you and try to give love to those that do. Sometimes things take time maybe a year was not quite long enough for him to digest it. If you feel like it was truly worth it and would like to have what you had back I would keep at it be stubborn I know I was kind of in a similar situation and at least it was new enough that I could fix it.

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