Miracles Do Happen…

My ex husband did finally return my call regarding my grandson. He is going to spend time with him on Good Friday. I still get frustrated because he typical wants life on his terms and never mind anybody else. Then again, this is one of many reasons we are divorced.

I have an uncle who has been to jail many times. He’s been married 7 times and is dating his potential next wife. He has an addiction to women, money, and drugs. He will manipulate people for his own gain. He contacted his ex-stepson recently wanting money. He went thru this big tall tale that I helped him get a new care taker. He needed money due to the extra expense. Never mind the fact he’s been intimate and she’s my age. I guess she must be a care taker of sorts. I decided to cut off communication because I’m not going to be an enabler or drawn into this crazy psycho drama. The best way to deal with drama is not to allow it to set up residence in your life.

I am focused on growing physically mentally and spiritually. Yesterday, I helped with my grandsons Tball, made it to the gym, and found time to have Bible devotional with my husband. We also had a great chicken salad (antibiotic free chicken, farm fresh salad mix, with strawberries and ranch dressing from Aldi’s). It was nutritious and filling.

After Tball, my grandson had a bathroom emergency and there was no bathrooms at the practice fields. So like a dog, he pooped where he was. It’s life.

We can either stress the drama or let it go like poop down the toilet. Woosh, goes the drama.

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