Start Again

So, I’m now on my fourth diary site. Not my fault they keep closing down. But after keeping an online journal for almost 19 years, I don’t want to/can’t give it up.

I tried registering here with the name I use on the other site, but for some reason, it wouldn’t work. So, I’m starting over. New site, new diary, new name. Same boring life, but eh, what can you do? 😉

Don’t know if I’ll cross post, or take the opportunity of being anonymous here and write for myself. Not sure if I’ll keep this public or go private……for now, I’ll leave it public, and see how it goes.


One thought on “Start Again”

  1. I was Kitty Momma on OD/PB but decided new site, new name. Started journaling at OD in 2000. I honestly can’t remember when I didn’t have a diary site to pist on, hehe.

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