i can’t stop thinking about her.

this morning i’ve been very sad.

cannot shake the urge to go see her.  i want to go back to our old house and see everyone there again.  i want to go back but i can’t.  everyone is gone.  the house is gone.  so i have to live in the present.

it’s not so bad but life has got me really down for the past 6 years. 

d y s t h y m i a

high functioning depression.  here are some symptoms and solutions follow…


  • avoiding social situations
  • feeling extra irritable
  • constantly tired
  • struggle to concentrate
  • unhealthy coping skills
  • constant worry about past or future


  • reach out for help
  • talk therapy
  • medication can help
  • be your own advocate ..fight!

but i can’t… i can’t focus.  too many things are attacking me i don’t feel like doing anything, i feel so tired.  irritable.  i have all the symptoms. 

3 thoughts on “sunshine”

  1. After reading this, realise how much this relates to me so much. I feel I hope those symptoms you mentioned above. It’s really exhausting to feel that way, but it just happens to some people, I don’t know how to cope either…

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