Testing them all!

Well, here I am I guess, came from that other not going to mention site. Personally, I think we’re being fcked with since it’s so close to April Fools. When I read the closing entry, it was so unfeeling ya know? No emotion really no regret, just “yeah sorry can’t do it”. Who says that and cares? No one I have ever met.

I mean if someone is going to pull a mean prank, why wait until the actual day?  Even if that is the case, how mean huh?  Well whatever, I guess we’ll see what happens. *Shrugs*.

Nothing new otherwise, I am going to update about the last thing you guys read about you know when J was living with us? Lots has happened since then. I’ll probably update at a place where you can go friends only. It won’t make sense to anyone else that hasn’t been reading me. I guess I had better do some work, got lots to do the rest of this week.

3 thoughts on “Testing them all!”

  1. I came here from that “other place”. I find it suspicious that OD is back up, looks just a PB ripoff, and suddenly the site is too much for him to maintain. Whatever, lol.

  2. There was definitely something uncaring about it. He seemed oddly disinterested in the fact that he was devastating a large number of people. Although maybe empathy is not his strong point.

  3. Howdy friend we meet again. Until they put friends only feature on here I won’t be writing the real stuff so that’s why I am only writing simple stuff such as adding photos.

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