PB transplant.

I am, like many of the new accounts on here, a transplant from Prosebox. 
I am using this relocation to start anew. 

New username. New environment. New writing style. 

I feel like after years and years on OD and then PB, I had started writing for the audience I had acquired, instead of writing for the sake of writing. I want that to change. I want this to be an actual place for me to come when I am feeling the need to write or am inspired to write a certain something… and this not be just another form of social media where I feel that there is a perception I am obligated to uphold. 

So, even though most people are reluctantly joining Goodnight Journal (or begrudgingly heading back to OD)- I am actually welcoming this change and new platform with open arms. 

Because sometimes change can be a very, very good thing. 

2 thoughts on “PB transplant.”

  1. Welcome! I am from PB and also have a new name. I like this site and yes, sometimes change is good!

  2. welcome to you, as well! I am looking forward to meeting new people on here; I do love the online journaling community and am glad we have these sites to turn to (even if they do up and leave us, as they have in the past).

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