Waiting For The Miracle.

Time for the coworker round up of facts for yesterday:

– Did no scanning at all yesterday.
– Lost number of all the personal calls.
– She took a 2 hour lunch with the attorney that used to work here and left on bad terms
– Bitched and moaned endlessly about being told that we’re closed this Friday (she and I had assumed we’d be closed Monday) and was trying to wrangle a way to work on Friday when no one is here. Jim told her, well, if you’re going to do that, then you better actually WORK, and not just waste time. She got her nose out of joint and said to me “Well, because he said that, I am definitely NOT gonna work.” I mean, how dare he make a crack about her being a lazy employee. The best way to *show him* is to be…a lazy employee, right? He’ll learn such a lesson from that.

I reached a weird point yesterday where I just felt DONE. I was so tired and flat and bored and utterly useless. It was coming up to 4pm and coworker suggested I just leave early, because I “live” here apparently. No, I just work the hours I am meant to. So I decided I would leave early, and LIE and use the excuse of picking up the new microwave. I packed my stuff up and told her I would just tell Jae I was leaving and she was aghast, “You’re gonna TELL HIM? Just go. He’ll never notice you’re gone.” Yeah, no. I have much more respect for my employer than that. And sure enough, I said “Jae, I am leaving.” And he just smiled and said “See you tomorrow.” And I told him I was going to collect the microwave and I’ll bring it in the morning.

The reality is that I collected it before work this morning. I did lie, and that’s not the right thing to do, but I’m not sure it’s a mortal sin, seeing as I collected it on my personal time this morning.

It was too humid last night to make bath bombs, because it was snow-raining when I got home. That’s alright though, because I needed an easy night. I took a bath and read some of my book, although not as much as I would have liked – my eyes are tired. Dinner was leftovers. I went to bed by 8pm, probably dozing by 8:40.

We received a bunch of 116 quart clear plastic bins yesterday, to use to store folders/binders in. Coworker was skeeved, because in her other job she just finished organizing the autopsy photos of a teenage boy who was beaten to death and buried in a tub like that out in the desert. I made sure to leave the bins in her line of sight for the entire day because I am a master of passive aggression. The bins will stay right where they are for at least a week, because they’re for her to work with, and she just doesn’t get shit done.

I also found a half-eaten tub of peanut butter filled pretzel bites in a cabinet that expired a year ago. I put them on the counter in the kitchen (where we put shared snack items) and figured that Jae and coworker would go to town on them and finish them off. I can’t wait for coworker to read the expiry date and flip the fuck out and lose her mind and think she’s about to die of food poisoning.

Jim is in Texas through to the end of the week, and Jae needs to work some more on his final clean up of the house he just moved out of. Cris has really bad bronchitis (not pneumonia) and so she’s quiet and just chilling in her office. Coworker is not here today. I am still flat and black and having a hard time using my brain, so I plan to just keep working on my own scanning project and try to make a sizeable dent in it.

Dinner tonight is a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club, probably on fresh bread. I think pay day is going to be tomorrow – I am getting back pay because my pay was short for the last 7 pays, and then my future pays will be a little bit higher. Apparently my pay cycle was set to “biweekly” instead of “bimonthly” which is a whole other thing, because to me, “biweekly” means twice a week, not every two weeks. Anyway. Being on biweekly meant that, at the end of one year, I’d have only been paid for 11 months and not 12. So it was a big difference. I am going to use the backpay to get right on top of my bills, and then I should revisit my budget and see if I can’t tweak it here and there to make it work better. 

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  1. I confidently believe (without any scientific knowledge on the subject) that certain food are fine so long as they aren’t visibly moldy. Peanut butter pretzels seem to qualify.

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