So I’m sitting here trying to decide exactly what sites I want to write on. Fewer is easier if I later spot a typo or want to edit something, but more is usually more fun and interesting. Especially if you like the different variety of platforms and the various features they have to offer.

Graphics look best on GNJ but they’ve had some security issues. The owner seems friendly, though, and on top of things. He’s already fixed the email addresses that were showing and the fact that you could edit other people’s comments.

The places I definitely won’t go is OD, as I haven’t paid to write my thoughts down since I began writing in 1987 and that’s the way I intend to keep it.

LiveJournal is also out of the question because they mostly speak Russian (not one of my languages), and I don’t like the layout of that site as much. Plus, they keep threatening users with this new text editor that I’m not impressed with at all. I was even less impressed with Dreamwidth, one of their sister sites, in a sense.

There’s no way I’m giving up Blogger or my-diary, so my next question is whether or not I want to add GNJ and others to the mix.

I realize there’s a chance that someone may take over PB and save it, whether they change it drastically or not, but I think it’s unlikely. It just takes so much time and money to run a site like that. I also realize that for Dan it wasn’t just a matter of money but also finding the time. He has little kids so why he would even bother to think of something so time-consuming in the first place is beyond me. It’s one of those things your heart has to be in, you have to have the money for it, and you have to have more free time for it as well.

Looked up the time the sun was to set earlier so I didn’t have any direct sunlight in my eyes. I went out walking for about a half hour when it set at 7:24, sure to mix in some running along the way.

Not much else going on. For however long it may last, I’ve been feeling good and sleeping well. With CampNano just a few days away, I guess I better start thinking of more ideas. I have the basic plot in mind for the story I want to do but it’s very basic. I haven’t really thought of much detail. I’ve been busy so I haven’t really gotten around to it just yet.

Tom’s shoulder still hurts on and off and it pulls out of the socket at times. Hopefully he won’t need surgery on it! The sling still helps but it comes and goes. He said it was fine the first 8 hours of his day.

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  1. RTYN I forgot what it is. Damn. Well at least that issue got fixed and I like that our photos look awesome. That feature is sweet. Open Diary has it but you have to pay or insert a link to get around it. I didn’t like any of the other diary sites. Too complicated or ugly, or as you said, Russian. But hey, maybe I can get a girlfriend there lol. Nah.

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