where did we leave off? or i guess i.

sorry. yall can ignore that last entry i was testing something. what i was testing actually. was um to see if more  then one entry would show up on the main page here. and it er and they don’t. so. a feature that was  on PB which i liked. and now i’ve jumped ship. to here. [well. obviously. wow go me.]. um anyway.

ok so on PB………where did we leave off?………er i mean i where did i. oh btw before i start. i am going to nashville tom. w/ my mom and i’m getting back sun. night. wed. a.m. here atm. so. yeah. never been.


-was  going through withdrawl. yes again it’s now Day 7. almost over thank god. Day 7 started…..um……… 7 hrs. ago. 11 p.m.

-i haven’t heard from Matt in a couple days. Matt from TN cause i know 2 of yall and both yall are on my fb. so. he actually recently went to nashville. for like a night or something maybe for work. oh he’s a um dj his birthday’s in sept. i know him from my days in boarding school.

-i was and still am dealing w/ the effects of the concussion/TBI back in jan. yes i know i’ve mentioned this.

-i’d blogged about the abuse/other from my ex.

-i was having issues w/ technology. still am.

-and i had recently admitted my substance abuse.thing throughout the yrs.

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