[233] ~*Thu – 03/29/18*~

[9:26 pm]

Dumb idea! I wanted to go see a movie tonight so I texted a friend to see if she wanted to come with me but she sorta didn’t wanted to go out cause she was exhausted. Bleh! That said, I’m staying home and decided to wash our bed sheets. Terrible idea! I just cough-puked and I feel so very tired now that I would want to go to bed but can’t cause my sheets are in the washer. Arg! I think I really need to buy a second set instead of just always washing this one.

I was just in our bedroom to put some clothes away and gosh is it ever hot in there. We don’t even have any heat and there’s a fan going on 24 hrs. I can’t really open the window cause I still have the a/c hooked in the window and I really don’t feel like taking it down right now. I’m almost tempted to put it on thought. It feels way too warm for me right now. I wanted to go relax in the tub but I won’t even do that cause it’s just gonna make me feel worse if I get in warm water. I was gonna take a shower tonight to wash my hair but I think it will wait tomorrow. I could always take a quick cold shower. It’s just horrible how warm it gets in our bedroom and I don’t understand why cause it’s the only place in the house that gets that warm and of course it has to be where we sleep.

I’m debating so bad on if I should cut my nail or not right now. They are driving me super crazy. I really don’t know how people can function with long nails. They are probably about just a normal length but they have been way too long for me for the past two weeks. The only reason why I haven’t cut them yet is because they look so nice all painted but I don’t think I can do it anymore. I’m typing and they feel in the way.

I’m off tomorrow and I have a feeling I will be sleeping ALL DAY. I’d like to clean the suggies cage tomorrow but I have a feeling that won’t happen. I was going to do the dishes and laundry tomorrow but decided to get that done today. I’ve put away one basket of clothes and will try to put the other one away when I go make the bed.

I feel a bit blah right now. I guess I feel kinda sad that we didn’t go to the movies, I was looking forward watching Love, Simon.

Guess I’ll keep catching up on some Catfish The TV Show and play on my farming game.




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