April Fool

 as april fool is upon us, i shall tell u a stroy! haha!

once upon a time i was 13  y/o and in grade 8. i had a best friend. very much! ok,haha. it was March and i wanted to prank my best friend on 1st April. so me and my sisters made up a story cuz i liked to prank.

the story was,i admit a bit melodramatic, ok, a lott but i was a kid!! so, i told my friend that….i have a  rare skin disease lol and its deadly. she ,ofcourse, didnt believe me but my sisters played along so she had to.  she finally believed that i was really sick. feeling like such a bad person as im writing this. 

one day she was texting on my mom’s phone and i didn’t reply cuz i was sleeping but it was the hour of the day  when we used to text. I used to borrow my mom’s phone to text with her for an hour.  i didn’t reply. she called me like 29 times then her sister called my dad and she talked to him and my best friend was bawling her eyes out. My dad told her i was totally fine. haha. then my dad came to my room,woke me up and told me that she called and was crying like hell and to cell her back and asked my what kind of sick i was haha, i told him then,did not get scolded so yay. but i called her back and told her it was an April’s fool prank that was extended for a bit long and she was crying like crazy Astaghfar, so i swore to never pull pranks of any kind again. 

But even now when i think back to that day, i feel like laughing but that was bad. 

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