Family stuff, the babies and thoughts of the farm

Got the day off today. We’re going to see Mom 9Mother In Law) in the hospital. She’s contacted a very bad flu strain, and she fell the other day and was not on her oxygen for we don’t know how long. She had memory issues the first day that she was in the emergency room. She’s better now, but she said yesterday that she still doesn’t feel better. She’s been sleeping off and on She said yesterday that she couldn’t sleep in the hospital. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t be able to either.

Woke up this morning and looked over at my Wife and just smiled. She’s is so beautiful and I am so much in love with her. I’m a lucky young man. She says she’s the lucky one too, ha ha. We’re going to vist the babies later on today, and then I am going to do my abs workout. The rest of the nite though, I am going to work on my writing. I’d like to rework 10-12 pages. I started to on Monday, but that’s when everything happed with Mom.

My Wife told me some things about my Brother In Law that are really hard to think about. He is a loose cannon and he says things off the cuff without thinking about it. He’s a racist, first and foremost, the other stuff I will not say on here out of respect for Mom. It’s going to come out one day. He already has made some comments to me in front of my Wife. I said nothing because, we are in living in my Mom’s house at the moment and I have much respect for her.

I cannot wait until the moment that our motorhome that we are going to get in September is loaded with petrol and we are going to be heading to the freeway for California. This whole drama thing is way too much for me. I can write drama but, I prefer not to live within it. We’re going to have to rent a uhaul and drive our stuff out there from the storage room to one out there. We have a king sized waterbed frame that’s been converted to a conventional bed. We need a new mattress but, it has a beautiful headboard and storage drawers underneath. We have a two piece sectional, and a cedar bed linen chest circa 1910 that I bought from an antiques store. The rest is totes and a nite table and a coffee table that my Mom had given me. We need to get a dining room table and chairs and a buffet hutch so, that I can put my tea service in there. We’ll do that when we get into the farmhouse.

I’m going to make some hammocks for the babies over the spring and summer months. I’m also going to get them a cat tree and those window perch things that they can look out the windows upon. We went to the storage room yesterday and picked up a bunch of stuff that we needed. Namely my printer, and the paper that I’ll use with it. I was so happy to come across my tea in one of the totes, ha ha.

I’m even starting to plan what I’d like us to grow on our farm. I’m thinking of doing an underground greenhouse. I’m thinking peppers, spinach, blueberries, perhaps strawberries, green beans and a whole bunch of other stuff I’ll think about later. We want to do a root cellar as well, and canning. I can’t wait. I just want to be under our own room making payments on our own place. I want the mailman to come over to our mailbox and put our mail in it. I want to walk over to the workshop and start building and fixing things. I want to find stray animals on the farm and mend them back to health, and give them a happy life to share with us. I want to be able to help people, asking nothing back in return except for them just to pay it forward. I want to have a big bonfire in the backyard and family, friends and neighbours all around just laughing and joking and talking. I want to be a published Author, and I will be.


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