for those who have me on FB. or. hey do me a solid. [cause apparently.

………doing someone a liquid isn’t a thing.]. um. anyway.

for those who’ve kept up w/ my blogging for some time. you know i’m a really private person and i have trust issues. [also even if you’ve not been keeping up…….well now you know i am.]. anyway so bc i’m paranoid. Please don’t mention anything about my drinking/sub. abuse. or rapes/ptsd. on fb. or ED. The reason is bc there are. some of my friends on FB. [and not anyone here.]. who if they knew. i was in over my head w/ like. the drinking or my ED. they’d be required to tell. so.

and usually i’ll do the same. I won’t outwardly publically break someone’s confidentiality. like if i heard. that someone from PB who is now on uh. fb that their friend was in the hospital. on FB i’d put as an update ‘keeping a friend in my thoughts’. or i’ll make the same comment if they update about it.

but w/ all this said. i’m ok w/ people bringing up my depression. like ‘hey how are you doing w/ that?’ kindof thing.

i’m actually. thinking of making a new fb [again] just for people from PB to be my friends er to friends. cause the main one is just so cluttered w/ the new people. but idinno i’ll probably wait a bit on that.

so yes. please and thank you.

One thought on “for those who have me on FB. or. hey do me a solid. [cause apparently.”

  1. I’ve tried to be a friend to you but whenever I comment you never reply. Something I said? *scratches head thoughtfully*

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