Groundhog Day

So, I’ve jumped ship. Or rather haven’t jumped ship but felt I needed to have a backup. I’m not really sure why, given that I don’t write much anymore. But I do enjoy reading what other people are writing and about their lives and things so, here I am!

It feels just like when OD went down. Not really knowing where everyone would be writing, losing faves etc. It’s hard because I’m a bit of a lurker so I’m not like besties with people on prosebox but I do like to keep up to date with them even from afar.

I guess for the time being I’ll cross post, or maybe just still post over on prosebox, but the thought of not having anywhere to write if the urge takes me just freaks me out. I kind of feel nervous about writing across there now in case I come to log on one day and the whole thing has vanished, along with my entries. I’ll be downloading my entries from over there, I did actually download all my OD ones too back in the day, and maybe writing in a word file and saving that for the time being?

So, I guess I’ll write a few entries here, see how I feel about the place, and go from there.


One thought on “Groundhog Day”

  1. Here from PB too. I am keeping this place and as a back up. I don’t blame SM for the back and forth, he’s only human and things can happen. This situation made me realize that a contingency plan is a must in this ever changing world of websites.

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