Major PMS? Take an Herb

I know, well it’s bad. I went out and got herbal teas that help to some extent. My mind and my body also get such a surge of adrenalin. Then there’s the anger and crying. Yesterday was a little better and today even better. Got to keep drinking tea. Tea with skullcap works. It’s a safe plant and though I’m not a doctor I think it helps some people deal with the stress of PMS.

M.D.s would like to sit there with their pen and pad and write out synthetic drugs. They’ll give you anything thats not addictive whether you ask for it or not. I told a gyn a few years ago I will not take hormones. I don’t want side effects. One doctor discouraged me from taking herbs bc I was on other meds but I found out some stuff, so I can take some herbs.

I can’t believe doctors are either too greedy or too misinformed not to suggest herbs…my goodness! We are part of everything. Naturally herbs can help some ailments and pain. Some pharmacy meds are useful and I agree with what’s necessary. 

No use in suffering. 

2 thoughts on “Major PMS? Take an Herb”

  1. It seems like the medical profession agenda these days is to push drugs and it gets annoying.

  2. True. Big Pharma wants their money. The doctors probably get paid for the companies that make the medications. Medical school rarely trains any medical student about natural treatments or cures. It’s all about pills. Basically just a patch for illness.

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