March 29, 2018 – Step by Step

Step by Step

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Today, if I start any day with dread, I probably need to do a 10th Step or re-do my Fourth. Clearly something is wrong and I have not yet reaped benefits of sobriety or, worse, I am little more than a dry drunk. The Serenity Prayer tells me that I have no control over what this day might serve up, but it also tells me what I can change is me. The program gives me the tools to do it, from its first four words – “Admitted (I am) powerless” – to the 12th Step’s promise of a new me through a spiritual awakening and its command to practice all the steps “in all (my) affairs.” And if I take the attitude that the day ahead is something to just get through, I will likely make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Today, I am powerless over whatever this day has in store, but that my attitude toward it can make or break the serenity that recovery promises – and faith in my Higher Power will give me the courage to change me. Sobriety and life are not things to endure or just get through. Today, I will live, not just endure or get through. And our common journey continues. Step by step. – Chris M., 2018

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