Our Cassie

Cassie is our youngest baby at 18 months old. She has two main nicknames we use for her: Corporal Cassie because she has stripes and has this routine of inspecting just about every inch of the house. Her other nickname is Cassie Jane. And of course, she only answers to her name when she wants, lol.

She came to us July 2016 on a whim. We had been talking about the possibility of a third kitty for about a month or two but not seriously. I was still in Radiology school at the time and doing a clinical rotation in the ER/Trauma area at UNM Hospital. Surprisingly, we were slow that afternoon and I was on my phone surfing the net. 

Impulsively I pulled up the Albuquerque Humane website where we had adopted our male kitty, Buster. I was scrolling through the pictures and her 9-week old little face popped up on the screen. I was immediately smitten. I sent her pic to my hubby and said, “She’s ours”. He laughed and told me to call. I did and she would be available the next day at 10am.

Since I was terrified about skipping school, I came up with a plan on how to leave my clinical site the next day. At 915am, my husband texted me and said he had locked himself out of the house. New Mexico in July is HOT, so when I showed the tech I was training with the text, she immediately released me to go home to rescue him. 

I left and immediately went straight to the animal shelter arriving promptly at 955. I walked in with her shelter name and number in hand and nicely demanded to see her. She was actually on a van to go to the other shelter on the West side of town and I almost missed her. They ran and pulled her off the van and brought her to me in the “meet and greet room”. She jumped in my lap, purred, and fell asleep. I knew right then she was meant to come home.

So I brought her home and surprisingly it only took about 2 weeks for our two older kitties to get used to her. We are glad we were impulsive that day, lol.

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  1. Sweet story cute regal looking cat. I remember when I first got my old late cat Scampie as a baby years ago he also fell asleep in my arms purring. So that meant Scampie was not only meant to mine but just when I was about to take Scampie home with me there was a lady that rushed into the animal room where Scampie was who also inquired about Scampie. And I looked at the lady as I had stated “Sorry he is mine”. I may write about Scampie in another entry

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