Are we going down with the ship

I got a message from this beautiful redhead on plenty of shit. I posted a picture of her in a previous entry when I compared her to another cute girl. Only the other one looked plastic. I’m told that’s girl code for a high maintenance girl. A doll or someone who has to have name brand clothing and the best shoes.

The redhead as someone pointed out, didn’t look it. She’s 20 and in college to be a doctor. A psychiatrist… I should have known better. College girls just like to fuck around. 

See what I mean? She’s adorable. I compared her to this girl. The one who wanted to meet up even though she already knows me. We worked next to each other for six years and she was kind of a bitch. Like I’d talk to her and she’d act weird, and I KNOW. I can’t talk to people worth a shit but I just asked her if she saw a movie I liked at the time and if she played video games. I wasn’t trying to hit on her or anything. I was just trying to be polite and have a small conversation. She came off as rude and I bet I do as well, but yeah. Then she ended up dating some guy and I only tried talking to her because I was desperate. I kind of wanted to dip my dick in some pussy. This was about 10 or more years ago. Back when I was 23, so yeah, 10 years ago.

Do you get my point? She looks (she’s also 33) dirty and I can look dirty as well. In real life she looks like she needs a bad and I’m sure she’s probably nice. I’m just not interested. So I replied to her meet me request and told her that I already know her and that we weren’t even friends. She replied with “I know” and I think I thanked her and wished her luck or something generic.

I’m a dick but I’m not going to flat out say, “HEY BITCH! I don’t like you.” Come on, who do you think I am? If I was asked in real life I’d tell her, but not like that. I’d say something like I’m sure you’re a nice person but I’m just not interested.

Watch her become rich as hell. I still wouldn’t ask her out!! No amount of money will make me date and fuck some girl I can’t even get it up for.

I compared all three to this girl. The type I always go for but they see me the same way I see that meet up girl.

I don’t know who that is but she’s beautiful.

This next one is even better, but only because of her eyes and that smile. Good lord!!

Girls like that are way out of my league.

Girls like that see me the same way I see that meet up girl. Ugly as fuck.

So I had a date with the redhead. She wanted to fuck. She was down for having a nap date and meeting up halfway. She lives two hours away going to college.

Fine. No big deal, but then I saw her posting all these fucking love memes on her Facebook. They said shit about how she wants a guy who’ll brush her hair and give her tacos. Um… HELLO!? DUMB FUCK! That’s what I’m trying to do you stupid bitch! JESUS!! I can’t stand idiots!!! But then she tells me that she doesn’t want a relationship and that she has many guys trying to hook up with her.

It all started when I told her that I got my hair cut off and how it looks like shit. I don’t have any power because it got shut off so I couldn’t iron it or anything. It looks like SHIT. She said that I’ll be fine and that was it. Her replies are always ONE LINERS! ONE!!!!! ONE FUCKING!!


But I kept one because everyone says that I’m picky and shit!

I fucking know the red flags god damn it!

THAT was flag number two. Flag number one was her telling me that she wasn’t looking for a relationship. Great! I should have stopped there, but no.

Back to the hair talk. I told her that I wanted to look my best because I’ll only have one shot. It’s true. Don’t tell you bitches asked some dick weed out on a second date when he showed up looking like shit and completely botched the whole date!

I wanted to look my best so that she can say that’s my man and he’s sexy as shit. So her friends can say I’m hot and sweet because I bought her flowers. She’s allergic to pollen. Remember when I got that one girl flowers and she almost died because she was allergic to them? Flag number four!!!!!

Flag number three was her not liking cats.

She replies back saying that she doesn’t have any girl friends because they’re mean or some shit. So dumb fuck me has to speak before thinking and I reply back asking her how many guy friends are trying to get with you? Or guys? I said something like that and she tells me, many. Many??

Well damn. Flag number… FIVE.

The whole time that was happening I was talking to Ericca, the famous cheerleader via text. Even she said that our meet up half way sounds like a hook up. She was down to nap and cuddle and I asked her if she’d like to come over and do that. We can get some tacos and rent a movie.

She replies, “We’ll see” and I offered to pay for her fuel and that was that. I took her off my Facebook and deactivated everything. Fuck that shit!

I’m done with Facebook!

I’m done with online dating!!

I’m done!!!!!

No one wants a fucking relationship and I’m not sticking my dick in anyone!!!

Fucking risk my life getting some shit on my dick that’ll make me kill myself?! No thanks! Or worse! Making a fucking kid!

I don’t want any kids of my own!

What did it was her posting this meme about how talking to someone and then not talking to them hurts and how it’s worse when you have a mad crush on them.

Well fuck me sideways! That ain’t me because we never talk! If we do it’s me doing all the talking and I get a one liner text!

Fuck it! I’m out! She’s hot, but I want a relationship.

If some bitch likes me she can wait six months to have sex and get tested for everything. If not, then fuck off. I’m so fucking pissed!

I was down to holding her and she was a redhead. I’m not a normal guy.

I need more than sex.

Give me a fucking freak who will wait to have sex. A girl who’ll love me and rub herself up against me hard saying shit like, I smell amazing as she bites my nipple over my shirt. I’ll fucking fall asleep to that shit.

Fucking nap holding her and touching her hair until she falls asleep.



A deeper connection.

No one wants that. I’m find having sex after those six months. For my health and safety and yours.

At least then you don’t have to worry about it. Unless she’s cheating and in which case I’ll be watching you like a fucking bird. You won’t see me but I’ll be keeping my eyes open for those red flags.

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  1. The last two girls are the best looking, IMO. First one barely looks a day over 15! LOL

  2. Oh, hey, I’m curious. How old did you think I was?

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