[234] ~*Fri – 03/30/18*~

[5:09 pm]

I just love how I always waste my days off. I ended up going to sleep around 2 am last night so I stayed in bed until about 3:40 pm today. I could of prob gotten up earlier cause I was sorta done sleeping but I seem to always try to force myself to sleep the most I can when I’m off. I know I won’t be able to sleep on my next days off cause we’re going to the in-laws so I had to take advantage of today. Only thing now, with me sleeping that late, is that I don’t really have time to clean the suggies cage. I guess I would have time if I started right away but I really don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to be lazy. I just ate and started the dishwasher cause I totally forgot to do that last night. Now I plan on pretty much doing what I seem to be stuck doing, sitting here watching shows and playing on my farming game. It makes me feel so horrible to just think about how lazy I’ve become. I had told myself I’d try very hard to start cleaning the house with the new year. We’re starting the fourth month in two days and I haven’t done a darn thing. Then again, I try to tell myself I’ve been “sick” since mid of Dec so I never feel like doing too much as I get exhausted fairly quickly. Now if I’m stuck with this condition for ever, I don’t know what I’ll be doing cause I can’t keep being this lazy. I really need to start cleaning the house at some point and do other things. It’s just kinda scaring me how easily I’m letting myself become lazy.

On another note, I need to take a shower and get that hair of mine washed today. That’s another scary thing cause my hair should be done this week as it’s been eight weeks but I’m pushing it to an extra week. Bit scared to see how bad it will be cause it’s already pretty faded. Oh well, I don’t have a choice but to suck it up for the next week. Gonna feel good to have it cut and dyed thought. I also need to wrap some gifts as I still have the kids Xmas gifts here and they aren’t even wrap yet so I’ll be doing that today. I also need to wrap the lil one Bday gifts. I’m so excited to go see her. I hope she’ll be happy to see me.

I still feel blah. I don’t really feel depress, more like sad for no reason. I just feel like I want to get out of the house and do something but I don’t really have anything to do or anyone to do it with. I really wish we would of went out to see that movie last night. I was thinking of maybe asking another friend to come see it with me tonight but I think deep down I don’t really feel like getting dressed and going out today. I guess I just don’t know what I really want. 

I sorta want to go lay in the tub and read my book but I need to wash my hair today so I need to take a shower. I guess I could always go in the tub and then shower later on to just wash my hair. That’s always an idea. I just hate when I’m in a mood where I have no darn idea what I really want to be doing so then I do something but it just doesn’t feel like I’m doing the right thing to keep my mind busy.

Enough blah blah for now. I saw that iZombie started a few weeks ago so I think I will be watching that for now.


[5:44 pm]

Exactly what I was saying. I’m sitting here watching iZombie but my mind is still going and can’t totally focus on the show. 

Anyways, I started coughing so that made me think that I totally forgot to mention in my entry that I had trouble last night. This is the first time this happens and I hope it won’t become a problem. Twice during the night I woke up due to some hard coughing. The first time I let it pass and fell back asleep. The second time I decided to take a cough drop which I try not to take cause the coughing is due to my body trying to get rid of the mucus but I just wanted to sleep so I took the drop. Like I just said, I really hope this coughing doesn’t become a problem when I try to sleep cause then I’m really screwed. I’ve also realized that I’ve been having problem with my nose today. I’ve been having to blow my nose a lot. Am I getting “really sick” again?! Please oh please! I don’t want to be sick anymore.




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