I Made It – So Can You

Six weeks ago, I was depressed – severely so. I had not had this type of depression since I was a teenager, when I weighed 280 pounds and still lived in a home of secondhand smoke and abuse. 

This time, I weighed a healthy weight and was not in an abusive household. However, I was brought back to that broken person I used to be. I was brought back to that person for a few weeks, actually. All because I had a mean person in my life that I was letting get to me. 

Sometimes people bring me back to my past. Sometimes an unkind person can bring me back to the years of neglect or abuse that I have overcome. 

We can’t always remove the toxic people from our life, but it is important to realize who is and is not toxic. I have overcome so much, and I can’t let someone else make me feel broken again.

It is up to ME to not let people walk over me. I am worth that much, at least. So are you. 

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