Apparently people have lives, friends and stuff but me? 

I’m loner,who  likes to stay at home, not talk much. Talking too much irritates me. So,ig this is what I get. Yeah. Let’s bear it. 

Feels like smths up but idk what is up. I need something direct here. I really don’t like and understand double meanings and hints. It screws with my head. Think its going little by little, that’s how it starts,let me tell you. And I never want to be a lesson or experience or anything that slightly resembles these terms. Makes my heart sink so bad. 

Annnndd I got a blister on my wrist. Oil spilled and a drop landed on my wrist. Thot it was a minor burn but it has turned into a blister. Well,I’m gonna name it: Pearl on my wrist, funny ain’t it.

I’m not done here yet. I have a lit more to say,watch as it flows.. I don’t like this,hurting like this. But this happens, WHY! IT SHOULDN’T HAVE,DAMMIT!! talk about priorities man. I DIDN’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN,I mean,I was laughing in the start,how did it get to here. Won’t let it happen ever again, won’t let it happen ever again. Won’t let it happen ever again. If I’m wise,I shouldn’t let it happen again but I’m not a good actress. 

Why is it like a night when it feels like you are standing on a hill top and can see the lights,the city from there? Yeah but y are alone and no one’s there. Can you picture it? No one is there and you are standing there alone and its dark but the little twinkling lights of the city. But u are far from it. Just looking. Its like that,the feeling. I’m not drowning or falling off a cliff but it’s kinda same. Like the oxygen is less cuz the night us dark and in full swing.


2 thoughts on “Joke”

  1. Finally back on this site after a long break, yours was the first diary I went to to catch up! Hope you are all good and your blister has healed!! Burns are so sore xx

  2. oh my God! thankGod!u are finallly back cuz i missed u really bad! blister is healing.
    hope everything is good with you and Mia is happy and healthy!

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