My first and probably last date with Wyatt

Today was a good day, I woke up to a message from Wyatt to meet him at the horse barn @ 8 am. So I quickly got ready and fixed myself up and headed to the barn, when I got there, Wyatt was already there and had the horses saddled. I guess it was kinda of are first date,I had just moved to the area and we meet at school,We headed to the canyon (as Wyatt called it, it is part of there ranch) for a day of horse back riding and getting to know each other. It started out bad. Wyatt was sitting on this horse I eased up beside him and grabbed his boot and pulled it off, and held it over the cliff saying now what He keep saying don’t dropped it I was acting a fool and I accidentally dropped  his boot off the cliff.  He was so mad I hurried back to my horse and headed around to get to the bottom I could  he was getting more pissed off and he would never speak to me again Still it was hard not to laugh at the whole ordeal it was pretty funny. We finally got to the bottom and looked for like a hour and no luck Wyatt seemed to get madder and madder He said we have to find it I only have one pair.I just knew he would never speak to me again,I felt so bad.I keep saying how sorry I was. I ask him if he just wanted go home.

I think that’s was kinda my first clue about Wyatt’s personality. Wyatt just smiled and said what difference does it make if I wear one boot here or at home.We rode the canyons he even brought a real picnic lunch (I think his mom cooked it) it sounds kinda corny but it was like a date from the old days a picnic lunch skipped rocks on the stock pond and just talked. Wyatt  complained about losing his boot so I offered to pay for them was not sure how I would He seen I was almost in tears so  He said don’t worry about it I still have one. We rode till about 3 pm and headed back after we got the horses unsaddled and brushed then feed. He ask if I wanted to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream and then meant the guys they were going to have a bonfire and hang out. we head to town meet up with his friends of course the first thing they ask was Wyatt where is your boot Wyatt looked at me and then looked at them and said it got threw  off the cliff this morning I’m starting a new style. I guess he didn’t want to tell them a girl stole his boot 

I did that

or maybe he knew I was nervous about meeting his friends so he didn’t want me to get embarrassed. we circled the trucks in the  middle of a field turned on the radios all to the same station and build a fire in the middle of the circle I know it don’t sound like much of a date to some people but I think it was the best date I ever went with the greatest guy I ever meet.

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