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29 March, 2018 – Thursday

I have a few minutes to jot down a few thoughts. I am actually just kind of tired, so my brain isn’t firing as well as usual, which in turn means I will likely do nothing but ramble nonsensically until my time is up! I seem to be having a huge problem at the moment with my laptop. It likely needs to be rebooted (again), and I probably need to close a lot of windows. I keep getting non-responsive window alerts, and my typing is delayed and everything is laggy. Grrr!

I have noticed a lot of my faves are already gone from PB. I saw the newest “update” about the site yesterday, but am feeling like I’m standing on shaky ground

30 March, 2018 – Friday

Argh! So, since the purchase of the matching couch for our wet fell through, we decided to just get a new set, and have been looking for the last couple of weeks. I think we finally found one we like. A lot. They show it with a table group, but in one close-up pic of just one of the sofas, it shows a corner of an awesome ottoman thingie that they don’t have listed! So we are going to see if they can get it, and if not, we have a runner-up set to choose. Or we may just go with the first choice and use our coffee table anyway. Whatever! And the timing is great because about 10 minutes ago, while trying to partially blow-dry a puddle of water out of my chair cushion (thanks bub for your leaky water cup!!)… I totally burned a hole in it… My hair dryer was caught up ad I tugged it and it yanked back and literally touched the material for a split second, but… burned a hole and also left some of the plastic from the hair dryer on there?! I was just saying to B the other day how it is definitely not working right (and it is only about a month old!!!). Argh! I do love those chairs too, so I will look into buying a cushion cover replacement, I think all of the tag stuff is still inside the chair(s). So dumb!!

It would have been super to have it by Easter, but it isn’t like we are having a houseful! I thought the other day B said his dad was coming, but no, he is going to BIL’s house, so it will be me, B, G, bro, SIL and supposedly CJ and his gf. Smallest holiday ever! Easter is my least fave to celebrate, so I don’t care that much! I like the festivities for Easter, just not the usual meal (ham). I feel limited with preparation, sides, etc. And I am not a huge fan of ham, the sodium KILLS meh! I am trying to branch out and make new things with it each year, but this year, we are keeping it simple. There aren’t a whole lot of traditional foods for Easter that I can think of besides ham, so between now and next year I want to see what else I can come up with! Next year will be a kid dinner year (we alternate 9-3, 3-9 on holidays, though I thought Easter was done like Christmas, but B said he checked and that is not the case? Sounds wrong to me, I am pretty sure we have had them for wake-ups every other year, but that could just be because of how the calendar works…

We are dying eggs tonight or tomorrow during the day. I got enough for each kid and then some. I figure the boys can both do 4, the girls 6. Last year I assumed D didn’t want to do the eggs, and he was pretty bummed hahaha. Who’da thunk at 16 and 17 he still wants to do it? One year he was like “mehhhh” about doing it when he was maybe 13, 14. I assumed that was it for him. I guess it was just a phase! But at almost-17, he is not getting more than 4. Pffft! We use to let them each do a dozen, but it was so shitty throwing away eggs that weren’t eaten after a while. So, we kept bringing the number down, and 6 each seems an okay number. I would say okay to more, but my brother is doing deviled eggs, so there goes one use for the ones I make! I guess this means I should have boiled some eggs by now, eh? Shoot. I guess we can do them tomorrow after breakfast or something. Doh!

So far no news about the car, though the phone rang about 9 this morning, but I was not about to answer it. I hate that we even have a house phone and it is about 60% junk calling (polls, politics, telemarketers, etc.), 20% bill collectors (medical bills can suck it at this point… I can’t pay any of them enough monthly without passing over others, or they call and nag, it is just more than I can dole out, at least they get SOMETHING, but they are never satisfied), and 20% miscellaneous legit calls. None are ever for me except for the medical, and they all have my cell so I know the ones to the house are the collectors, and not the medical offices I deal with. So, yeah. Once every 2 months or so I will go through the voice mail and it is usually a joke: telemarketers, collectors who have auto-dial computers that connect when someone answers, so it is just them talking to the VM until they realize that’s what it is (hahaha), etc. I had one once who didn’t realize (s)he was on the line somehow and was calculating commission! Idjits!

So, last night B was in a mood when he returned from dropping the girls off. D stayed here since he as going to get picked up by his friend and spend the night with him (and a few others too). Apparently B was asking P about her Confirmation. It is this coming month (I think) and she was completely unable to tell him the date! She is 14, these are things she should be able to answer. Sadly, her other has made her so reliant on her, that she doesn’t need to do any shit for herself, like, oh THINKING. But this is always the case, and it is getting to be enough. B told her that if she couldn’t tell him when it was (like this weekend or some time BEFORE it happens), that he won’t be going. I told him he should have told her she needs to let him know this weekend or… something. Like he takes her phone or something. THEN she will SURELY remember! He needs to start making them accountable for shit.

Then he starts ranting about how he is getting tired of the Thursday night bullshit. He gets them 5:30-9. So on nights he works downtown, he can’t get there until 6:30 most of the time! Home by 7.. dinner, back in the car… The kids told him ages ago that they want less back and forth, and he suggested overnights Thursdays. They were meant to tell their mom they wanted the change, but are too scared to make her cry… O.o The reason B doesn’t have it as an overnight is because those mere few hours from 9 until school would mean she would lose a SHIT ton of money… How fucked is THAT? So he is sick of the driving back and forth all the time too. Not only for Thursday which is like a joke, but all the time. He suggested doing hand-offs via the schools/buses when possible. But NOOOOOOO, she NEEDED to have them to her house before they came here every hand-off. It is a joke. They could just take the bus here from school, there from school and limit the number of pick ups and drop offs. It would save EVERYONE valuable time! I mean, they need to take the bus all the way to one house of the other, then get picked up and go to the other house. So, it is unfair to THEM!! She is a fucking psycho!

So, as per every week or so before Easter, the sky spit out some wet snow early this afternoon for a short while! So I have to do the requisite “WTFSNOW?!” addition to my entry =p

The other night, G had D cracking up so hard. He is such a funny little thing sometimes. He has such a warped sense of humor. He has the giant Mr. Potato Head thing, which is really a container which you can stick a sort of eyes, ears, and a nose and mouth in and the top is a ball cap. But it fits two regular sized tater heads and 2 smaller ones, complete with parts for all. So, one of the tater heads comes with a set of glasses (plastic, no lenses), and ever since he noticed some of us wearing glasses at times, he puts them on, but of course, they are way too small, and it is hilarious, especially when they are at the end of his nose. Then he gets all up in someone’s face while wearing them, looking at them through the glasses. Definitely a “hafta be there” thing. It was while doing that he had D cracking up hard. Last night, he was on the couch leaning over the arm towards the end table yelling “Hey Dooduh?!” Which makes me always laugh. Maybe one day he can learn to finally talk to Google and it will respond haha. And there’s other stuff too. Ah, turds. Ya gotta love ‘em.

I guess I should run. G just woke up but is now snoozing again over my shoulder and he still needs a bath! More soon. Have a great weekend, an a Happy Zombie Jesus day if I’m not around again before then!

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