Night-Time Dreaming

Considering we are meant to dream every night I rarely remember mine which is a bit of a worry but only because when I do remember my dreams they are usually so full of colour and detail of wonderful weirdness I want more ..

29/03/2018: I woke up in the early hours and realised I had been dreaming so I replayed it in my head before going to sleep again hoping it would serve as a reminder when I awoke in the sensible morning hour and it seems to have worked .. I remember ..

I walked out of a house with a guy I didn’t recognise but in my dream I sensed we were married. I jumped into a shape that was blue, deep, round and made of plastic with a wheeeeee of excitement and traveled through pockets of open greenery where small amounts of families relaxed on a Spring day .. as I turned the corner I looked back to see where my guy was and thought should I wait, no hes used to this and will catch up, on I traveled .. more green open spaces, more families .. I reached a wooden track and navigated my blue round plastic thing over these tracks, it was a tight squeeze .. at the end of the tracks I decided to turn around and go back .. as I did I heard a loud squawking and as I looked there were a couple under a tree untangling birds, two flew away and I sensed their freedom .. in front of me was a body of water and my blue plastic thing disintegrated, in front a man appeared with a big cat in a cage, I sensed I was at the circus, he pulled a curtain round the cage and the whole image disappeared from sight .. I was on land running back to where I came from looking for my guy .. I came to two lines of people, white, naked, skinny, seated cross legged I sensed a barbecue and laid out in front of them one by one were skewers with cooked chicken, I chose to walk behind one line it was tight trying to walk past them without touching them .. in front of me fire and lights symbolised the way forwards and the direction for me to continue running .. I ran forwards and passed through some type of entrance where I thought the house should be only on the left was some kind of blurry fiery activity going on which instinct told me to stay away from .. I continued forwards and could see another entrance but before going through it I came upon a row of men on the right dressed in uniform and believed they were soldiers and I had hit upon some type of army camp carrying out a training exercise, I said I shouldn’t be here should I, the soldier acknowledged this and I felt stupid and panicked feeling lost looking for my guy .. at which point I woke up ..

Dreams always fascinate me especially as linked to our subconscious self which leads me to dream interpretations, analysing the details of what my subconscious is trying to tell me .. I believe this is linked to work as the day had been busy, chaotic, frustrating and stressful ..

I believe the beginning of my dream symbolises relaxed, carefree days, commitment, long term goals, self awareness, transcendence and liberation.

The middle symbolises control, domination, fear in oneself, repression of ideas, uncertainty, unfamiliar territory, acceptance of a situation and seeing the naked truth.

The end symbolises self discipline, stubbornness, trying to find a way through, craving normality and stability, lacking in confidence.

So now my weird and wonderful dreaming makes perfect logical sense.

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