It has been some time since my Wife and I have been sharing our usual intimacies. I must admit to feeling rather sensual for some time now. She is having an issue with her hip which, undoubtedly will add more time onto our said condition at the moment. We shall however undoubtedly get back to our proper schedule of intimacy soon, I suspect.


We had a visit with our Son and his Girlfriend and played and made a fuss over our babies. Chester, one of our male babies was i  a good mood. Our other male was hiding under their bed as usual. Our female was sleeping in her bed. We had a really good visit, laughed about a bunch of things. Tomorrow starts a bunch of days that I am going to be working consecutively. I think I estimated it at 19. 

I’ve got to find some time to detail our Jag before I take my gorgeous wife out on the town for her Birthday next month. She wants a very simple dinner at a Mexican restaurant that we have frequented, followed by a movie afterwards. On 19 April, I have another occasion for us planned. I know that she’ll love that as well. 


We’ve gotten a bit of good news going forward which will reveal itself upon this page in it’s own due time. I look forward to what the Lord have laid out for us in our future endeavours. 




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