Mason has to drive back to his old home town for a few days during the week to work side jobs until he’s officially moved here in town. We’ve been seeing each other for two and a half months. I tell myself that this man doesn’t want or need a girlfriend. I tell myself to keep my heart in check.

And then he goes and shows up at my door unexpectedly. And when I’m standing there, slack-jawed, staring at him in complete and total shock, he tells me that he made that long three and a half hour drive back to my town because he missed me, and he just had to see me again.

And I think to myself: Oh, Mason…what are you doing to us?

And I think to myself: Don’t…don’t you dare fall in love with him…

And I fling my arms around his neck and press myself up against him, and I kiss him deeply, and as I drag him into my house while we’re making out like teenagers and we’re stripping naked and I know we’re going to have sex right there on my living room floor.

And I think to myself: Who am I kidding? I know I can’t stop myself…

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