You’re going to hell.


Let me share a very strange encounter I had today with a homeless woman. It actually started around 2pm. I had woken up from my nap, and was getting ready to take my dog out. As I left my apartment complex, I became engrossed in the music that was blasting through my earbuds. 

When I got to the corner of the street, I heard someone yelling. Now, she was pretty loud for me to hear her over my music. I paused my music to see what was going on. Turned out to be some lady sitting at a bus station yelling profanity at no particular person. I assumed she was on the phone until I crossed the street and looked directly at her. Turns out, she really was yelling at no one. It became clear that this woman was extremely mentally unstable.

I went back home, ate, went back to sleep to get more rest for work. 7pm came around, and I once again made the trip to the dog park. When I left my complex this time, I noticed a woman walking up the street towards me, but on the opposite side of the road. She looked up at me, and crossed the street to my side. I then realized it was the same woman from earlier, so to avoid her, I crossed the street. She too crossed the street. Half way down the block, this cross following was repeated until I finally got annoyed. I turn on my heals and began to walk home. She seemed to have noticed I wasn’t playing her stupid game anymore, and this is when she lost her shit. She started screaming her head off “you’re going to hell” and some other shit I didn’t bother to listen to. I rolled my eyes as I continued to walk home. My plan at this point was just to drive my dog to the park. 

This woman, then proceeded to run after us (my dog and I). I was caught by surprise and reacted in a way I didn’t think I had in me. ” You come near me, and I’ll beat the fuck out of you!.” I shouted. Mentally ill or not, when it comes to my safety, you best believe my life is far more important than yours.  She obviously didn’t expect that reaction either. She stopped (thank goodness) and began shouting again “you’re going to hell!” She had her hand in her bag, and my gut said “get the fuck out of there now.” So I did. I didn’t run. I calmly turned and continued walking home. When I reached my car, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I was curious where this woman had went since she didn’t follow me home. I started my car, and drove out of my complex. Turns out, she turned around and walked back towards the park, and eventually disappeared behind a middle school. 

So, creepy, mentally ill lady who likes to yell profanity at strangers. Lets not meet again.

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  1. That encounter was creepy af. I would’ve probably done the same thing if I were you.

  2. @WanderingMind, Yes it was. I am now carrying pepper spray for anyone or anything else I run into like that.

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