[235] ~*Sat – 03/31/18*~

[9:19 pm]

I finally gave in to the need to cut my nails. I couldn’t do it anymore, I just had to cut them. I really don’t know how people function with long nails, it’s just in the way. I feel much better now that they are cut. I didn’t wanted to cut them before I got rid of the color cause I was scared it wouldn’t look as nice but it still looks nice even thought my nails are now short. I didn’t cut them as short as I normally do but it’s still pretty short. Feel like my fingertips can now breath. Haha! Although I got to say, feels a bit weird typing without them right now. Guess I was sorta getting used to them. I still feel better now that they are cut and I don’t know why but I’m just in love with the color they are. I just don’t want to get rid of it. I also really like the nail polish brand cause it dries super quick. I normally have a lot of trouble with drying my nails and making sure they stay nice but with this nail polish, they are still very nice.

So yesterday, that dear husband of mine decided to call his parents to see if they would pay us a few nights at the hotel. He told them I had been very stressed out due to me being “sick” and that I needed a get away. They told him they would put money on our bank account so we could go away for a few days. He’s evil! Looks like we won’t have to sleep on couches when we go there tomorrow. I hate spending money on hotels as we are only there to sleep but I guess if his parents are paying. Although I’m greedy and that could totally be extra money in our account but since that big baby of mine wants to go to the hotel, we shall go to the hotel. I think he only wants to go there cause they have a pool. I told him we more than likely won’t even have time to go to the pool. We shall see!

Talking about going away, I don’t know if I want to pack our stuff tonight or tomorrow morning. My intention is to get up at 9 am and leave not later than 10 am cause the party is at 1 pm and it takes three hours to get there. It’s just annoying cause we can’t pack everything the night before as we need to use some of the stuff the morning before we leave. I think I will just wait tomorrow morning and hope I can be quick with the packing as I’m already so very tired.

Today we saw Ready Player One which was an awesome movie. I really enjoyed it! Hub has been talking about eventually wanting to buy a VR and now I really want one. It’s just so damn expensive.

Well, nothing too exciting going on but hopefully I will have a nice two nights away from home. I know I won’t have the chance to rest while away so I shall head to bed real soon as I am already exhausted. I think I’ll be watching Once Upon A Time and bed time after that.




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