A dream i had while i was having my luch time power nap

This dream I had just last week, Every time during lunch time I will have my food then take a short 20mins to 45mins power nap. Since I don’t sleep 8hrs daily.


As I took off to dreamland, I dreamed that as I was walking down the deserted road  filled with very strong smell of jasmine,  to work 1 morning before the sun was up  there was four ugliest spirit right in front of me crying and begging me for food.  I wasn’t scared or took pity of them because they were the murders of a innocent child whom was brutality rape and killed. I brushed off and told them this is karma you have to pay for your sins. 

Before I could continue further in my dream, I woke up and saw four souls in front of me they were my senior supervisor, Assistant Supervisor  Two team leaders. Standing with both their hands folded looking worried or angry. They check if I was ok, because I was told as I was sleeping I was talking very loudly. 


Few hours later when I was having my tea break I approach my supervisor and told him about the dream I had during lunch time. He just brushed off and told me ” dude ur just tired if u wan a time off just say so, don’t need to tell my the dream ur had during ur lunch time”. But the look in his eyes, is different like he knows the reason behind my dream.


1800hrs I thumb out and left my workplace, as I was waiting for the train to arrive I saw my TL. He over heard my conversation with my supervisor, he told me he had similar dream as me. Then he told me that the building before our office building was builded , there was a terrace house. where children was killed …..I was shocked… when my turn came to alight. I told my byes to my TL


So now I am sharing with you the reader.

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