all over again

The other shoe fell again last night.  Some guy came knocking on our door for the 3rd night in a row and Ian doesn’t even remember.  He was thinking I was living alone and thought he would hit me up for sex.  Ian doesn’t believe that kind of shit happens because nobody ever knocks on his door.  It happens to me all the time.  They’re usually looking for sex, cigarettes, booze or a ride somewhere.  The guy found out last night I didn’t live alone but with a man.  And Ian had to pick a fight.  He was still at it when I woke him up at 230 this morning to change the sheets because he peed them again.  Apparently that’s a common problem with alcoholics.  He drank 2-12 packs within 36 hours so he was pretty blasted.  He wanted to go to the store for a 4 pack last night so I drove him so he wouldn’t drive and get in a wreck and hurt himself or someone else.  I know that’s enabling but I didn’t want him to hurt himself or someone else and especially didn’t want him to wreck his or my car.  And yesterday was such  a good day.

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