He ask me out again

Wyatt called this morning and ask me to hang out I really didn’t think he would ever speak to me again after the first date but Wyatt picked me up about 11 am on his four wheeler mom had a heart attack, Dad as usual said leave them kids alone and told me just go mother hen will be fine mom is all city Dad calls her  helicopter mom he is a free range dad. We headed to Wyatt’s got the horses and headed to town for are date I wasn’t sure how that worked but OK so much different in a small town I mean how things are done. We rode about a hour and Wyatt said lets go to DQ and get a coke and eat I thought , OK we on horseback but we got HDQthere and Wyatt said just drop the reins and theywil be fine and in we went like it was no big deal to just leave the horses out in a parking place. sorry but that is just amazing to me so we ordered and sit down to eat, lunch1 I was so worried about the horses it was hard to eat Wyatt keep saying they are fine they know to stay. My barrel horse would have still been running down the road.Wyatt keep sticking food in my mouth saying eat and stop worrying do you worry about everything yesterday you worried all day cause you threw my boot over a cliff and that my friends may not like you. (he was smiling the hole 20170523_115342time) you have said sorry a dozen times and pointed down  cause you did this to me (yes he came missing a boot for real )  I apologized again and ask don’t you have other shoes I thought maybe he was pulling a joke on me,but Wyatt said that foot is stuck with just a sock until I save enough money,I have to buy my own stuff when I do something stupid. I said, but I did it not you it’s not fair , I will tell your folks I did it. Wyatt said then they tell your mom and dad and you will be in trouble, besides when you see me it reminds you how mean you are then he kissed me and said other than going to school will suck. So far you been worth a boot I think he was trying to be sweet he is a little redneck so it is hard to tell. I still feel so bad. After DQ we rode back to the barn and went to his house and watched a movie and I meet his parents they are so funny and nice. His dad calls Wyatt the one boot cowboy , we ate dinner and Wyatt took me home we sat in my yard till curfew and then texted half the night, I guess he don’t hate me but not sure why he don’t after what I did 

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  1. I would love riding to town on a horse people would go wild here. some one would call the cops hang in there I think he really likes you

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