Well the other shoe dropped. Ian’s been fawning over me all afternoon because I got sick to my stomach and had a bad headache.   He even cooked dinner.  This is the third night in a row someone knocked on our door.   The first time was a woman.  He probably knocked on our door thinking he was going to find me alone.  The person he claimed he was looking for was on the second floor and at the other end of the building.  Ian picked a fight.   Not a bad one but still. He sees this place with Rose colored glasses on.  He doesn’t see it for what it is.  The other place was better.   Nobody ever knocked on my door there except the cleaning people.  And I was there for 3 months.   We’ve been here less than a month and it’s already started.   People are going to be knocking wanting beer, cigerettes and rides. 

He wanted to go to the store for more beer so I drove him since he’s drunk.  He was beinf sweet as could be and once we got back he started in again so I left and moved the car to the front of the building.  He won’t remember that I told him I was hiding out in another part of the parking lot.  He claims the only reason the men living here are looking at me because I keep sitting in the car for no reason.  

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