I am me

It is the Easter weekend, which to me is just 5 days off work because I am an Athiest. I don’t believe in god, I believe that there is something… I just don’t believe in all the hyped up bullshit that is supposed to be god. I would more believe that man is made from aliens than all this god crap. 


It’s the Easter long weekend. I have been working hard so I have decided to take a five day long weekend. I suppose that’s the double sided coin to being your own boss. You work your ass off but you can have days off when ever you want. So my friend had his Birthday this weekend and on Saturday night about 15 of us all went to this place called Drakulas. It’s like a dinner and a show-Dracula style. The show was really good. My friend’s wife is tiny, she is a size 8-10 (in Australia) which is probably like a 4-6 or what ever In  America. She is confident about her weight but nothing else, she is always second guessing herself. Meanwhile me over here, I’m like.. I carry a little bit of weight I’m a size 12 but hey.. myself is fine. I’m a confident person and I couldn’t care less what people think. People pick up on that kind of stuff. Confidence attracts people. Im not over confident, im just confident in most things I do. Im also a little bit of a tomboy. I know that I’m pretty, I just don’t think that being the exact weight makes a person beautiful. If your ugly on the inside your just ugly. 

So I had just bought a new outfit, it was a skirt and really nice top because I ain’t no girly girl but I like to look nice, my friend isn’t a girly girl in her personality but she likes to dress the part. As we were getting dressed she realised there were little bits of her dress was the same colour as my top. Me, I couldn’t care less, there was only a small fraction of her dress that looked like the colour of my top. 

What came out of her mouth next stunned me, made me laugh, and pissed me off all in 2 minutes but I was already over it and had changed my top, because quite frankly, I had a few nice outfits that I was gonna rock and I could wear any of them

She said- Oh no.. you can’t ware that. It clashes with my dress, and my dress is really really pretty,  (fuckin Barbies!!)

After a minute or two of taking that statement in, I was over it, I had already changed and was ready for our night ahead. It’s only clothes right.. My friend spent the next 20 minutes apologising for being so bitchy. I’m like mate, look I don’t compare my self to other people. I do me, I am me.. let’s go have a drink. Well that one statement she said ruined her whole night because she was afraid she was going to lose my friendship. I spent most of the night trying to pep her up, trying to tell her it was all good. See the thing is, she knows that I hate drama, I through dramatic bullshit and people out my life quicker than they come. Life is too short not to have a life full of laughter and fun. We’ll catch up next week and she will probably bring it up again and I will tell her to shut up And we’ll have a few drinks. I do like her, She just needs to be more confident in her own self, less bitchy. But you need to own what come out of your mouth, because that is the person you are. Like it or not. I might not throw this one away just yet. 

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