A story: ‘The girl’ -intro

There was once a girl. She had 5 siblings and parents living in the village that will forever be their home. She grew up without seeing much of her eldest brother, 17 years older than her. Sometimes, he bought her toys and children videos whenever he came back from his university. Then, came her second brother, 12 years apart. He had the character of a ‘fun’ brother and a bit rebellious but always care for the family especially for their mother. The elder sister came next, 9 years older. She always played the role of the ‘mean, bossy’ sister but sometimes took care of her younger sisters whenever she felt like it. The second elder sister, 5 years apart. The sister thought that she was going to be the last child but instead, their mother gave her a younger sister, ‘the girl’. It may sound like she was a special girl, but no. She was just, a girl. Being the last child, she was bound to stay at home and was left alone when her other siblings moved to boarding schools or universities. The only time she got to see them was during school holidays or celebration holidays. Well, she could at least accompany her parents by being there. What she got from staying at home beside the care of her parents was the experience of having to hear quarrels, involving in one, and also knowing the problems of the family. She was not really the one that ‘says’ but she ‘hears’. She doesn’t ask, but she knew.

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