Day 761 to 764 – The beginning of a new project

Monday, April 2, 2018

Wow, only four days compared to nine from my last entry.

Hope everyone had a great Easter and April fools days! Seems like this year it was a very calm holiday. Of course, I still went out with my family, such as going a sugar shack and going to my cousins’, there were baptisms at church, but nothing big compared to the usual Easter. It was nice seeing my family though, and Kohai did come with us at the sugar shack, so I’m glad I got to enjoy the holiday with her.

I’ve been relaxing for the most part. I just finished a new game my brother gave me called Spec Ops: The Line. It has a pretty sad story, but it’s still fun. Other than that, I talked to my dad quite a bit about Mercusius. He offered to help me create a logo since he used to be a graphic designer and still designs now and then. I plan to really get this going, so I can use it as somewhat passive income and perhaps in the future, if I enjoy freelance, turn it into that. I also always wanted to make animations of my dreams on YouTube, so it ties in nicely with it. My mom also said to create a Facebook account for Mercusius (already did years ago for my YouTube, haha, just have to set it up), and to send it to her so she can help promote my store. She also said I should make a bag on society6 for her to wear, that way she can promote it even more. I have no excuses now not to be productive, not when other people are offering to help and counting on me to bring it somewhere. I’m sure my parents are happy that I’m working not only for income but also doing something I love. I’m gonna discipline myself more that way I can stop procrastinating and have fun! I’m very fortunate to have such supporting parents with experience with these type of things.

Other than that, I cleaned up my room, because the disorganisation was bothering me and my mom had asked me many times already. I’ve been putting it off because of work and admittedly, video games. I also worked a little on my opinion text for writer’s craft. I planned to be a lot more productive with it today, but I only got out of a writer’s block much later in the evening. I plan to have it finished tomorrow instead.

Now I’m gonna go watch another episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events with my parents.

That’s all for today.

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