Monday starts bad

I’m not sure think we had are first fight. Wyatt came over before school to pick me up I was running late and started with I’m sorry I over sleep, He looked at me and said I’m so sick of you being sorry for everything people mess up I yet to see anything you should say sorry for over and over name all the things you done that is so bad you running a little late I’m running early,you  slamed the gate yesterday  well it is a slam gate you slam a slam gate,My horse got out He opened the gate not you I forgot to tell you it had to be pad locked You threw my boot off a cliff I let you  take it  off me so stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders ,my god your like the best thing around here so stop. I did say anything I know I have have a low self worth my real parents knocked me down every change they got I should say real I should say birth parents but that is another story for later maybe but I have never been around anybody like Wyatt other than my parents he spends his time building me up but I steal get so nervous around him so scared I will make him mad are worse leave and he never gave me a reason I just know I mess this up yet.

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