Resurrection Day

Happy Resurrection day. To me it’s all about the Lord and the sacrifice that He made for us. I always reflect upon this day when it is here if I’ve thought of others, and put them ahead of my needs. Love has always been the only thing that we are to be in possession of. It’s not enough to say it, it should be apparent in everything that you do. In the way you interact with people, in the way you listen in the way you do things from your heart. It should never be anything less than a giving heart that you should use to deal with anyone and everyone. Never, should you ever think that what you’re going through is in any ways deeper than what somebody else is going through. Never miss a moment in any day to smile at someone or give them your time. Nothing is ever wasted that way, ever. 


It was a nice day today. I thanked the Lord for this day and then we went downstairs and I had some tea. We went over to see Mom in the hospital, in fact we just got back from there. She’s doing better. There is this older woman across from her that we think may have a touch of Dementia. She is very lonely it seems. She hardly ever has any visitors. Although today she did. There’s another older gentleman that rolled by in his wheelchair the first nite Mom got there and he stops in the hallway and looks in, and Mom says Hi. I looked at my Wife and she looked at me and I said, mmmm I think Mom is flirting. She just laughed. 


I’m back at it tomorrow, I’m going to work everyday straight through until the 18th. I want to start getting things done, and making double payments on the car. By the end of next month we shall be debt free. Then, I can concentrate fully on saving for the move and having a start on my tuition costs for when I go for my Robotics degree. That will either be in September or January, depending on when we actually move. Although, I am leaning towards January because, we have the move and getting settled in and finding work and everything that is entailed with all of that. 


Lots of stuff to keep my mind occupied. I’m going to start going to the target range twice a month, beginning with this month. I’ll get a mountain bike probably by the middle of next month. I’m going to come up with a schedule to do my revisions for my writing.  It will be figured out before I go to bed tonite.  


I’ve also told my Wife to get ready for 3-5 times a week, she liked that. Honestly, I think I’ll wear her out. Myself, I’m always ready so, I don’t have a thing to be concerned about on my end. We are going to sit down at some point either in June or July with the other side in our insurance settlement case. We may very well have our settlement then, which has changed my thinking 180 degrees. I’ll handle what needs to be handled.




2 thoughts on “Resurrection Day”

  1. Amen! It is all about Him. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thank you Cathi. It is all about Him and he is the ultimate encouragement.

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