It’s always happening…
Ever since the past 4 years ~

How long do I have to be left hangin’ like this ?

I’ve tried ways to accept others
But seems like it was a big mistake that I actually ended up hurting others
I can’t simply just choose whoever I want to fall for
It’s always the wrong people, and the hardest to wish for

Recently, kinda find it funny when the people around me are gradually initiating to introduce partners to me..
Well, am I really that old to need a partner?

Well, moving on is cool but somehow there’s something that feels lacking
I can’t really differentiate what’s worth the wait and what isn’t anymore
Perhaps I don’t have such blessings for someone who I can be worth for..
Or maybe I don’t even deserve to have…

I guess I just don’t really have the confidence of loving someone anymore..
when I can’t even love myself right ~


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