Can’t sleep

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in such a small town there’s nobody you can really talk to because everything you say makes it to town by morning don’t get me wrong I love this town everyone is really nice but I’m still the new person in town it’s really hard to have someone just to talk to I love Wyatt but there’s only so much you can talk to your boyfriend about . Keeping a journal helps a lot but it’s not the same as having input from people. I guess maybe that is some of having a sleepless night for no reason and as my dad would say being a teenage girl

One thought on “Can’t sleep”

  1. Sometimes I wish I could live in a small place like that, since I live in a big city where people don’t even know their own neighbors. It’s just people, traffic, big buildings and starless skies. People here don’t care about anyone but themselves since we’re always on and about with our work. I guess the grass does look greener on the other side. But deep down, I know that I wouldn’t trade my place for anywhere else.

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