It’s been like Ian has turned a major corner.  He’s being so wonderful.  He’s making me feel like an absolute queen.  He keeps telling me how glad he is that he met me, that I’m being so good to him.  He’s still drinking but doesn’t seem to stay as drunk all the time.  We’re both sick with some sort of stomach bug.  I thought I was ok but got to running errands this afternoon and was absolutely exhausted when I got home.  Poor Ian has actually been puking and had diarrhea.  I got sick only once but have diarrhea the past 4 or 5 days.  We’ve decided that now that we have groceries and stuff to  just stay put for a few days til we get to feeling a bit better.  In the midst of all this I’ve been so run down it’s not even funny.  I’m sure we’ll be better in a few days.

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