I don’t get it

why do I do or say such dumb things when I’m with Wyatt it’s like when I see him my IQ goes down to 12. I swear. I walked in to the gym this morning and seen him as soon as he looked at me I tripped over my own feet and fell on my face. Then I walk over and sat down by him. Wyatt didn’t laugh but I know he thinks, my god she is the dumbest girl that ever lived. I was so embarrassed ,I even still get so tongue tied and can never think of what to say then the stupid mouth says something like I love your shirt it matches your sock.which I’m sure just reminds him because of my other stupid act he is sitting in school with a socked foot for the second day.He just looks at me and says Thanks and hinds his foot. The bell rings , we get up to walk to class as we are walking down the hall I ask does it embarrasses you walking around wearing one boot. Wyatt looks at me like any anything else stupid to say this this morning but he just smiles and says why does it embarrasses you. Brain dead I come back with no you look so hot Wyatt looks at me weird  and says REALLY. I don’t know why I say things I say it is like I hear what I say after I say it I mean like someone else said it to me and I’m hearing for the first time but only with Wyatt. I don’t Know why he even still talks to me are even lets me around him he is grounded because of me His truck is messed up because of me but he keeps coming around it makes no sense to me well my teacher thinks I need to learn so more later maybeI

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